Thursday, September 17, 2015

U.S Heroes All Around The World

 Air force specialist Alek Skarlatos, Airman 1st class Spencer Stone and Anthony Sadler are known as the heroes. They stopped a Paris Train Attack not only that but they were U.S citizens. All three men were known as boyhood friends. Alek, Spencer &Anthony all received an award called "Civilian Medal of Valor". Was created after Sept.11, 2001 terror attacks. They all received there medals at Pentagon on Sept.17,2015. "Stone, a 23-year-old medic, was presented with the Airman's Medal, the highest non-combat award in the Air Force, and the Purple Heart for the hand and face injuries he received in tackling and choking the gunman." "Obama said he just wanted "a chance to shake their hands in person and to tell them what I think they've heard from a lot of people -- which is they represent the very best of America, American character. And it's these kinds of young people who make me extraordinarily optimistic and hopeful about our future." All three did get to meet President Obama and shake his hand. For stopping a gunman on a Paris-bound train without thinking about there personal issues or thoughts. Instead of waiting to be rescued these three men became heroes and role models to us. which teaches us to stand up for ourselves.,. 'Heroes Of European Train Attack Receive Awards In Pentagon Ceremony'. N.p., 2015. Web. 18 Sept. 2015.


  1. Be sure to include the "so what", interesting story right? Nice job citing!

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  3. How old were they when they stopped a Paris Train Attack?