Thursday, December 10, 2015

Apple accused of racial profiling in Australia.

On Tuesday, At Highpoint shopping center in Melbourne, Australia. Apple staffer telling the Maribyrnong College students that store security guards were concerned they might shoplift something and were asked to leave.
Six black students who were asked to leave an Apple Store  because they might steal something. Quote from the article "These guys [the security guards] are just a bit worried about your presence in our store," the staffer tells students. "They're just worried you might steal something." and "End of discussion, I need to ask you to leave our store," he tells the young men, who are wearing their school uniforms.  So these 6 kids come to shop but since the security guard were "uncomfortable" with them. The guards asked the staffs to tell them to leave the store. "I've been coming to [this mall] for a long time and I never thought something like this would happen ... of course I was offended," Mabior Ater, one of the students told the media. there was a Video of the occurring situation. The video caused excitement on social media which caused many users accusing Apple of racism.

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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Republican VS Democratic...

What saw in the Republican was that they were either fighting against each other or not even answering the questions that were asked. While the Democrat's debate were answering the question even though it was against each other they did go out of topic like the Republican's did. My impression on the candidates are that some of them are look soft like they are not able to hold on to some world weight. But other candidates are mean looking like they understand what they are suppose to do. Some people did stand out than others about 5 of them came out negative when they were against each other and the other half were positive when presenting themselves.,. 'The First Democratic Presidential Debate In 100 Words (And A Video)'. N.p., 2015. Web. 3 Dec. 2015.,. 'The Third GOP Debate In 100 Words (And 3 Video Clips)'. N.p., 2015. Web. 3 Dec. 2015.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sunscreen Danger

        Baby Corals Getting Harmed

On Tuesday at Orlando, Florida.  A common ingredient that is found in sunscreen is toxic to coral and contributing to the decline of reefs around the world. "Oxybenzone alters coral DNA, makes coral more susceptible to potentially fatal bleaching and acts as an endocrine disruptor, causing baby coral to encase itself in its own skeleton and die". It kills baby Coral, which can bring a mess in the food chain.

This important because between 6,000 and 14,000 tons of sunscreen lotion winds up in coral reef areas each year, much of which containing Oxybenzone. The damaging effects were seen in coral in concentrations of oxybenzone as low as 62 parts per trillion, which is equivalent to a drop of water in six and a half Olympic-sized swimming pools. Not only in Florida but In Hawaii and the Caribbean. Concentrations has been 12 times higher, which also explains why scientists aren't seeing any baby corals in many reefs in resort areas.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

6 N.Y. church members arrested...

Lucas Leonard and Christopher Leonard their parents Bruce T. Leonard and Deborah R. Leonard. Plus Four church members. At Word of Life Christian Church in New Hartford, New York. Located about 250 miles north of New York City. Both parents each face one count of first-degree manslaughter, a Class B felony and four other church members were charged with second-degree assault, also a felony. Lucas was injured during an assault and was pronounced dead and Christopher was hospitalized in serious condition after suffering blunt force trauma injuries. The assaults occurred after a Sunday night service at the church. On Monday(afternoon) Lucas and Christopher were taken to the hospital.
6 N.Y. church members.

 The Leonard's were each ordered $100,000 for bail and bail for the other four church members was $50,000 each. The congregation held what Inserra called a "counseling session" for the two brothers. "Both brothers were continually subjected to physical punishment over the course of several hours in the hopes that each would confess to prior sins and ask for forgiveness,". Lucas Leonard was taken to the hospital after church members found he wasn't breathing. Authorities found several children in the church and called in child protective services.
To hear that the parents actually let all that happen and lose a son is not morally right, I think the punishment was a little bit inconsiderate. Well, they wanted to punish him so he can confess yet they are now begin punished for not thinking straight and the fact that they went to much to allow themselves to lose a son Lucas only 19. I think the U.S should put them in prison because what they did is unforgivable in my opinion.
Ray Sanchez and Steve Almasy, CNN. 'New Hartford World Of Life Church Members Arrested After Teen Dies - CNN.Com'. CNN. N.p., 2015. Web. 15 Oct. 2015.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

debt in the U.S.

At the Capitol Hill, Washington on October,1.2015, The Treasury Department stated on Thursday that the U.S. will reach the $18.1 trillion debt limit as soon as Nov. 5. The government would run out of borrowed money and be forced into default.
The Congressional Budget Office, which had said the government would run out of money by November or early December was corrected on Thursday by Treasury Secretary Jack Lew who told  the Congress that September's tax receipts and required payments to military pension trust funds "were higher than projected".
This is important for us to know because not only do the Treasury & Congressional Departments should be worried but so should the rest of us citizens. This debt can be a trouble cause for us or even an American crisis. I mean $18.1 trillion. we are debating about minimum wages from $9 to $10 while we don't even know how our U.S bank is doing. I think we should help out a little bit because some of that money helps us with little thinks or even big things like for those who save us "Our Army'.
USA TODAY,. 'Congress Now Has Five Weeks To Raise Debt Limit Before U.S. Defaults'. N.p., 2015. Web. 2 Oct. 2015.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

U.S Heroes All Around The World

 Air force specialist Alek Skarlatos, Airman 1st class Spencer Stone and Anthony Sadler are known as the heroes. They stopped a Paris Train Attack not only that but they were U.S citizens. All three men were known as boyhood friends. Alek, Spencer &Anthony all received an award called "Civilian Medal of Valor". Was created after Sept.11, 2001 terror attacks. They all received there medals at Pentagon on Sept.17,2015. "Stone, a 23-year-old medic, was presented with the Airman's Medal, the highest non-combat award in the Air Force, and the Purple Heart for the hand and face injuries he received in tackling and choking the gunman." "Obama said he just wanted "a chance to shake their hands in person and to tell them what I think they've heard from a lot of people -- which is they represent the very best of America, American character. And it's these kinds of young people who make me extraordinarily optimistic and hopeful about our future." All three did get to meet President Obama and shake his hand. For stopping a gunman on a Paris-bound train without thinking about there personal issues or thoughts. Instead of waiting to be rescued these three men became heroes and role models to us. which teaches us to stand up for ourselves.,. 'Heroes Of European Train Attack Receive Awards In Pentagon Ceremony'. N.p., 2015. Web. 18 Sept. 2015.

Monday, September 7, 2015

The Triangle Factory Fire.

146 of the 500 employees had died. The survivors were left to live and relive those agonizing moments. At 23-29 Washington place, New York City. The Triangle Factory Fire connects to the Strikes before 1911. Near closing time on Saturday afternoon, March 25, 1911. People were locked and had no way out, all exits were locked for past reasons During the fire.

This current event is important because it shows us how they treated men and ladies even girls at the age of 14 years old. knowing this I can say that this is on a national level. How so? well, the impact on this story lets us know how people would treat Immigrants or people who work and if that didn't change we wouldn't be where we are. By knowing the event it helps us thing of the past and how we can change it day by day. The fire started protest "The people demanded restitution, justice, and action that would safeguard the vulnerable and the oppressed".

 Two victims.
Kate Leone, 14 years old Female Catholic Born in United States Lived in the US for life 515 East 11th Street, New York, NY Buried in Calvary Cemetery & Tessie Weisner, 21 years old Female Jewish, Born in Austria Lived in the US for 6 years 129 Second Avenue, New York, NY. Buried in Mt Zion Cemetery. Tessie no longer worked at the factory, but was there the day of the fire because was going to be married, and her friends were planning a celebration for her.

Two witnesses.
Alter, Louis Triangle Waist Co. worked for 8 years on the 10th floor. lived at 1516 Charlotte St. Bronx, Uncle of Mrs. Harris's and Mrs. Blank's. &  Boyle, john city of New York Firemen, Hook and Ladder No.8 .,. 'Cornell University - ILR School - The Triangle Factory Fire -    Introduction'. N.p., 2015. Web. 17 Sept. 2015.